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"I originally came to New Zealand for a working holiday as I wanted to gain experience working in another country...."


Immigration NZ LogoHow do I contact Immigration New Zealand?

Depending on where you are in the world, you should contact your nearest Immigration New Zealand office for assistance by telephone, email (where available) or in writing. Click here for a full list of Immigration New Zealand offices around the world. The official Immigration NZ website is www.immigration.govt.nz . Answers to some of the most frequently asked Immigration related questions, click here.

Here are 4 options for a visa to work in New Zealand 

Skilled Migrant Category

(You must be 55 years old or under) The Skilled Migrant Category is a points-based system in which you claim points for skills, experience, and other factors to gain residence - a status that allows you to work and live in New Zealand, freely travelling in and out of the country - on a permanent basis. You do not necessarily need a job to apply - although a skilled job offer greatly improves your chances of being selected as it will add to your total points.

Work Visa

You can apply for a temporary work visa if you have a job offer from a New Zealand employer and are skilled in an occupation that's in demand.

Work to Residence

You may be qualified in a highly specialised or in-demand field. If so, you can apply for a work visa under the Work to Residence category. This category allows you to work temporarily in New Zealand as a step towards gaining permanent residence.

Working Holiday Visa

You’ve heard that Auckland is a great place to live but not sure if you’re ready to make the big commitment just yet? Then come on over for a working holiday.

The Working Holiday Scheme allows you to travel throughout New Zealand and work in any temporary job or jobs you want for up to 12 months. UK Nationals can stay up to 23 months in New Zealand on this visa. To find out more about the steps to take to qualify for acceptance, click here.


Skilled Migrants in NZ

The ADHB Careers Centre in conjunction with Immigration NZ, can lodge work visas for onshore Skilled Migrants who have a full time job offer (30 hours or more) from ADHB and where applicable, New Zealand professional registration.  Turnaround time for processing is 5 working days.  Click here to check if your occupation is on the skilled shortage lists. 


Are you already in New Zealand?

Settling in to a new country is not always easy.  The biggest challenge can be knowing where to find all the information that you automatically knew in your own country.  That's where Settlement Support New Zealand  can help.  It provides easy access to information that you may need about the services that are available in your local area to support your settlement.