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Return to Nursing Programme

The Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) has the ability to offer a Competence Assessment Programme (CAP) for nurses wishing to return to nursing practise.

We refer to our CAP as the Return to Nursing Programme (RTN). It is designed for nurses who already hold New Zealand registration; have past clinical experience as a Registered Nurse in New Zealand – but do not hold a current Annual Practicing Certificate (APC). Applications from overseas nurses are accepted on occasion where the applicants training and experience is from a suitably recognised organisation. The ADHB programme is accredited by the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ).

Acceptance for entry to the programme is based upon ADHB’s need to fill specific key nursing vacancies and therefore criteria for acceptance will vary accordingly from time to time. Prior to acceptance to the RTN programme an applicant must be offered a position within ADHB by first applying for an existing vacancy. Vacancies can be viewed in the job search page on this website.   

ADHB does not offer group RTN programmes, but should you be successful in gaining an offer of employment ADHB may then offer you an individualised RTN programme (in-house).

Upon successful completion of the RTN programme, NCNZ will issue you with a current APC at which stage the above mentioned offer of employment can be finalised by the ADHB Careers Centre.

If you are a NZ registered nurse and hold an interim practicing certificate please clearly stipulate this on your application for any vacancies. The Nursing Council of New Zealand will have placed conditions upon this that you must meet within a specified time frame and we will need to factor this into your hospital orientation programme.