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Clinical & Non-Clinical Support

Clinical and non-clinical support plays a vital role in supporting the daily functioning of our hospitals. Our services are vital to our day-to-day operations and are run by strong operational leadership.

We’re a broad banner which encapsulates everything from our cleaners and orderlies, to Health Care Assistants, Ward clerks and administrators (both clinical and corporate) as well as our casual clinicians, who work across all areas of the hospital filling short notice ward vacancies ensuring we’re able to deliver on patient outcomes and experience. 


Our services include

Clinical Nurse Managers

24/7 Hospital Functioning Model of Care as a Clinical Nurse Manager, who support Children, Adults, their families and our staff at Auckland City Hospital.

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Our services include

Patient Flow Team

Responsible for managing acute, elective, inter-district, clinic and day stay flow; forecasting bed demand based on bookings and schedulers.

Our services include

Transit Care Nursing

Involves transferring of acute patients to and from procedures both within the hospital and to outside facilities.

Nurses and HCAs

Resource team

Consisting of over 50 nurses and health care assistants who work on rosters to cover short notice ward vacancies. This team is a team of skilled nurses and HCAs who are flexible an…

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Supporting our hospitals

Cleaning and waste orderlies

Responsible for the day-to-day cleaning and ensure that our facilities are clean and safe for patients, visitors and the staff orderlies. Some of our key services that support the …

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Want flexibility

Temporary Staffing Bureau

Whether you're a registered nurse, midwife, health care or psychiatric assistant, we have a range of casual shifts waiting for you. If you’re looking for short term work options, k…

Our services include

Trendcare Team

Our team leading patient acuity, workload management and workforce planning software which is used widely across Australasia and has recently been implemented at Auckland DHB.

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Clinical and non-clinical, covering a broad range of roles including but not limited to ward clerks, clinical research coordinators, team administrators, Personal assistants, recep…

Our services include

Health care assistants

Supports the effective day-to-day operation of a designated department by undertaking delegated activities and assisting in the provision of patient care. First and foremost suppor…

Pathology services and major referral laboratory


LabPLUS is an IANZ accredited medical laboratory, who provide comprehensive pathology services for all Auckland DHB patients and referrers. We are also a major referral laboratory …

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Whilst we’re a diverse group, spread across all areas of Te Toka Tumai Auckland, we have a few key traits in common. We proudly live and breathe our values, being open and welcoming to all patients, their whānau and our peers and colleagues. We’re committed to delivering the best health outcomes, whether we’re clinicians or providing the best support to our healthcare professionals. We’re collaborative and enjoy working in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Say kia ora to Sione, one of our awesome Health Care Assistants (HCAs) at Auckland City Hospital. He's passionate about working together to give the best care to our patients. You'll hear about his experiences of HCA training, and his aspirations for the future.