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Nursing and Midwifery

Nurses and midwives are at the heart of the healthcare sector.

We make up more than 3,480 full-time positions at Te Toka Tumai Auckland and are the largest workforce our organisation employs. 

We provide inpatient, outpatient and locality-based care to patients, and their families/whānau. In addition, many more nurses are employed within primary healthcare and the community, to provide services to people to help them stay fit and well within their home environments.

The relationship of a nurse or midwife to a patient and family/whānau is unique. We are key contributors to a positive patient experience.

Whilst we work as part of a multidisciplinary team, we are often seen as the glue that holds our organisation together.

Why choose your nursing career with us

  • We've created and published our nursing and midwifery strategy, with five strategic themes which aims to strengthen the role of nurses and midwives within our healthcare system.

  • We focus on patient and whānau centred care, striving for professional excellence and achieving safety together.

  • We proudly develop our nursing and midwifery workforce, offering multiple opportunities to grow skills and knowledge across a huge range of specialities, complete further education and offer a clear pathway to service and directorate leadership within Auckland DHB

  • We offer strong leadership development programs and structured educational support

  • You'll be part of improvement science - cross learning with other functions

  • There are no barriers to leadership, anyone can propose new initiatives and bring about positive change

  • We’re proud of our culture of celebration, with many ways we recognise our people, such as our nursing and midwifery awards, our local heroes, our new graduate celebrations and our health excellence awards.

  • We offer a range of nursing role types you don’t see many other places, such as: nurse educators and clinical coaches

  • Free on-site Te Reo Māori classes for staff and their whānau

  • We’re a large employer of Graduates – with a training and teaching focus, offering collegial support within their cohorts

  • We’re a caring organisation who looks after the whole person

Nursing is a highly valued and recognised profession within our DHB, with a strongly represented leadership and organisational forum, which has influence in service design, models of care and releasing time to care

Why Auckland

  • We are a well-educated, experienced, loyal and committed workforce, providing excellent care to our patients and their whānau. We hold strong alliances with the schools of nursing and midwifery at both the University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology (AUT), encouraging and supporting continuation of postgrad study and scholarship opportunities.

  • We having Nurse Educators based on each ward, whose role is promoting, facilitating and providing training and education to maximise health care delivery, enhance patient outcomes, and promote clinical excellence and evidenced-based professional nursing practice, this is unique to Auckland.

  • We’ve demonstrated excellence in quality and safety programmes, resulting in better patient care.

  • We manage cutting edge, complex cases : Being home to 19 national services that treat patients from across New Zealand giving our clinician’s unrivalled career advancement through breadth and diversity of cases to be involved in.

  • We have the most active clinical research facility in New Zealand, with over 1,200 active research projects.

  • We provide specialised paediatric services and high-risk obstetrics, treating patients from across New Zealand.

  • We are the country’s sole provider for heart, liver, pancreas and lung transplants.

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