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Professional Registrations and Immigration

New Zealand Immigration - New Visa Changes Announced

New Zealand Immigration has recently announced some changes to Visa categories for people seeking to work in New Zealand. The good news is that there are still several pathway options for health professionals to come and apply their skill here and grow their careers accordingly, whilst enjoying the great kiwi lifestyle – and Auckland DHB can support applicants through the various Visa processes. When you apply for a position your Recruitment Consultant can provide supportive guidance as needed. Additional information is on this webpage below.


Professional Registration

In New Zealand all health professionals are required under the health practitioners competence act (HPCCA) to be registered with their professional board before they can begin to work. This ensures professional competence and protects the health and safety of our peoples by providing a way that all practitioners are fit to practice their professions.

This registration process can take up to four weeks to process so best to kick this off at your earliest convenience.  If you also need to apply for a visa, you can only do so, once your registration is confirmed. Check out the relevant board related to your field for further information and their registration process.

Medical Council of New Zealand -

Nursing Council of New Zealand

Dental council of New Zealand

Midwifery Council of New Zealand

New Zealand Social Workers Board -

New Zealand Occupational Therapy Board -

New Zealand Psychologists Board -

New Zealand Physiotherapy Board -

New Zealand Speech Therapists Board -

New Zealand Dieticians Board -

New Zealand Medical Radiation Technologists Board -

Medical Sciences Council of New Zealand -

New Zealand Pharmacy Council -

Auckland DHB is an accredited employer with Immigration New Zealand

Which enables us to employ people with skills that we haven’t been able to find in the New Zealand market. Should you match these criteria this may mean that your visa application will be processed more quickly after receiving an offer of employment from Auckland DHB utilising the benefits of our accreditation. 

Please note that all offers of employment are subject to eligibility and the right to work and reside in NZ at all times. For further information on applying for a visa or for more detail on the work to residence visa. We do recommend that candidates discuss the full range of options with Immigration NZ as there is often more than one pathway.