Auckland Hospital is closely associated with Auckland University School of Medicine and is a major teaching campus for the University and various technical institutes.  

Our surgical directorate are committed to the delivery of sustainable, high quality healthcare with a key focus on developing clinical teams through a culture of safety and excellence.

We are one of the largest employers of medical and nursing professionals within Auckland DHB, recruiting a high number of motivated and passionate specialist clinicians each year.

We offer a number of unique specialities and see a breadth and depth of cases, giving our highly skilled people an unrivalled ability to grow and develop in their chosen fields.  We actively encourage and support career progression and further education support and have a number of team championing active research and innovation projects.

Our services

Transplant and Oral Health

Intra-abdominal Transplant: National hospital for liver and pancreas transplants and one of three hospitals specialising in kidney transplants. Our New Zealand Liver Transplant Unit celebrated their 20 year anniversary of liver transplantation in 2018. In late 2018 the number of patients receiving a liver transplant from our unit had reached 800. Of the 800 liver recipients, the age ranged between 18 days and 73 years old.

Oral Health: a regional service providing care to the Auckland DHB, Waitemata DHB and Counties Manukau DHB populations. The service provides hospital-based tertiary and secondary level specialist oral health services, to a population of almost two million.

Our Services

General Surgery and Trauma

General Surgery is divided into four units: Hepatobiliary/Upper Gastro Intestinal (HPB/UGI), Head/Neck/Breast/Endocrine (HNBE), Colorectal and Acute Surgical Unit (ASU).

Providing secondary surgical care for the Central Auckland population as well as being a major tertiary referral centre regionally and nationally and a major teaching campus for the University and various technical institutes.

Trauma- the Trauma Service is the busiest advanced trauma centre in New Zealand and its role is to evaluate and improve the quality of trauma care at Auckland City Hospital

Our services

NIFS & Neurosurgery

National Intestinal Failure Service (NIFS): Is a nationally coordinated service that is provided by Auckland DHB and works with local and regional DHB providers to support patients with intestinal failure to achieve optimum clinical outcomes as close to home as possible.

Neurosurgery treats patients with diseases or trauma involving the central and peripheral nervous system. It covers the full range of neurosurgical problems including trauma, benign and malignant tumours, neurovascular conditions, epilepsy amenable to surgery, congenital problems, peripheral nerve disorders. We cover these services across a large area of the North Island.

We also provide specialist services relating to Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, urology and Otorhinolaryngology.

Valuing the time of our live kidney donors

Celebrating achievements

Recent winners of "Excellence in clinical care" at our Health Excellence awards.

Traditionally when people agree to become a kidney donor they were admitted to hospital the day prior to surgery. After speaking with our donors, they said they didn’t feel valued, spending time waiting, having a poor night’s sleep, didn’t like being away from their whanau and felt they were taking up a hospital bed that they thought might be needed by a sick patient.

Our transplant team wanted to deliver a better patient experience so introduced day of admission surgery for kidney donors. This led to a decrease in admission to theatre from an average of 21 hours to just under two hours. All donors have said it’s been a positive experience and much preferred.

This project is a great example of delivering on our values with live kidney donors, enhancing their experience with the added bonus of improving the way we use our clinical resources.

We are a dynamic, innovative and culturally diverse team of professionals who work collaboratively while providing top quality patient care.

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