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Community & Long Term Conditions

Working in the Community and Long Term Conditions no two days are the same.

Our dedicated staff are on the front line, making a difference not only in our hospitals and clinics but out in the community, in people’s homes and workplaces.

Within C&LTC, our goal is to provide quality, patient-centred, self-directed care as close to home as possible, making healthcare accessible and flexible to suit an individual’s needs. Our staff are privileged to be welcomed into patients’ homes and form rewarding partnerships with patients and their families, supporting them every step along the way of their healthcare journey.

Our newly developed locality-based model of care helps patients to maintain their independence and eases some of the pressures on our hospitals through reducing the number of avoidable admissions and early supported discharge from hospital.

By working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, our staff are able to take a big-picture approach to patient care, often treating multiple complex, intertwined needs. When visiting patients, our staff often work autonomously, relying on their own judgement which challenges them to truly work to the top of their professional scope.

At Auckland, the primary focus of the Community and Long Term Conditions Directorate is the assessment and treatment of adults. With the ageing population in New Zealand, the Directorate is at the forefront of healthcare and our services are undergoing transformation in order to reflect the changing needs of our patients.

Services within our Community and Long Term Conditions Directorate include;

  • Community Services
  • Diabetes Services
  • Sexual Health Services
  • Reablement Services
  • Palliative care
  • Ambulatory

We’re always on the lookout for passionate and caring staff.

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